The Memorandum of understanding signing ceremony between the MTU and National Central University (Taiwan)

On April 15, 2019, Mien Tay Construction University signed a Memorandum of Understanding with National Central University (Taiwan) to strengthen scientific cooperation and academic collaboration between the two universities.

On behalf of NCU, Taiwan, Prof. Hsieh-Lung Hsu - Vice President attended the signing ceremony. Besides NCU representatives, Prof. Ha Thanh Toan – Rector of Can Tho University (CTU) – and some other delegates from CTU as well as Naresuan University, Thailand also appeared at the partnership ceremony.

On behalf of MTU, Doctor, Rector of MTU, Mr. Nguyen Van Xuan and Doctor, Vice Rector, Mr. Nguyen Van Chieu together with Head of Science Management and International Affairs Division, M.S. Nguyen Ngoc Long Giang and representatives of Civil Engineering faculty, Urban Infrastructure Engineering faculty jointly welcomed and worked with representatives from NCU, Taiwan.

After discussion and conversation between 2 partners, NCU decided to sponsor many financial aids for MTU students in the school year of 2018 – 2019, including short-term programs and scholarships for post-graduate programs.

On the other hand, Doctor Nguyen Van Xuan introduced the training programs and research projects at MTU and suggests that NCU could send their lecturers to join. This suggestion had received agreement of the both universities.

Prof. Hsieh-Lung Hsu, during his conversation with MTU, disclosed that he always valued “the close partnership” between NCU and MTU and hopes to collaborate with MTU in academic and scientific projects.

At the meeting, the MoU was signed by leaders of the two parties. would offer multiple opportunities for joint research activities and academic collaboration, which are top priorities of NCU and MTU in areas of exchanging staffs and students, jointing research on scientific and technological subjects, exchanging academic findings, publications, and other academic information

Dr. Nguyen Van Xuan - President of MTU – had speech at the ceremony.

Prof. Hsieh-Lung Hsu - Vice President of NCU – had speech at the ceremony.

Representatives from NCU and CTU: Prof. Hsieh-Lung Hsu, Prof. Ha Thanh Toan, Dr. Le Van Lam and Prof. Wen-Yi Hung.


Discussion on academic and research collaboration opportunities among the fourth universities (MTU, NCU, NU and CTU).

Prof. Hsieh-Lung Hsu and Dr. Nguyen Van Xuan were signing the MoU.

Two leaders exchanged the MoU after signing.

Representatives from MTU, NCU, NU and CTU after the signing ceremony ended.

Dinh Lich and Thu Hang

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